Advanced Skin Care IV: "Anti-Aging" Skin Stuff

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Monday 11th October 2010
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  • Repair wrinkle-prone skin.
  • High-tech breakthroughs in skin care for sun damage and aging.
  • Hard-to-find, sophisticated skin care products that produce real results.

The Advanced Skin Care Series

Welcome back to our advanced skin care series. If you missed our first three installments, check out Advanced Skin Care: Better Shaving Products, Keeping Clean: Soap, Cleansers and Exfoliants, and Looking Good During Winter: Moisturizer and Sunscreen.

Our latest segment examines how SharpMen can improve the look of prematurely aged skin.

What’s Up With This Stuff?

Spent too many hours tanning in the ‘80s? ‘90s? Yesterday? Took that whole Miami Vice thing a little too literally? If so, chances are the skin around your eyes shows it. Wanna lighten up that "high plains drifter" look in your eyes? Wanna tone down that leathery Marlboro Man skin of yours? Many new "anti-aging" (or "anti-wrinkle") products on the market can help you do that.

The thing is, if you’re like most SharpMen, you probably don’t know much about how to prevent or deal with wrinkles and leathery skin. But because guys have become more and more interested in it, manufacturers have begun producing products designed to meet needs beyond those of SharpWomen.

Been lookin’ in the mirror more than usual lately? Check out the SharpMan-Approved scoop on "anti-aging" skin care for guys. From blemishes to sun damage to plain old aging and wrinkling, these top-of-the-line choices can help fix what you got and prevent stuff you definitely don’t want down the line (like those brown spots your grandpa has):

Does Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Measure Up?

Many SharpWomen begin their anti-wrinkle routine in their early 30s, just as the first few creases are beginning to emerge, and there’s a good reason for it: the old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." These days, all types of SharpMen are becoming more interested in taking care of their skin. Call it a cross-gender rivalry.

Just like with your retirement fund, it’s never too soon to start thinking about anti-aging skin care. A little action now, before those worry lines set in, is like money in the bank.

Why? The sooner you start, the better your skin will look years into the future. After all, while aging SharpMen are considered "distinguished," every SharpMan has his own ideas about what looks best on him. Plus, let’s face it: we don’t all end up looking (and banking) like Sean Connery.

So if you’ve already got a few wrinkles that you’d rather not have, it’s time to go into battle, dude. With this in mind, we present our choice of SharpMan-Approved anti-aging skin care products — sharp enough for any tough guy’s bathroom cabinet:

Great Products

philosophy hope in a bottle

Why it’s cool: Perfect for normal to oily skin, it contains microencapsulated BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) to smooth out the skin’s appearance.

Why we chose it: It’s a great general starting point for younger SharpMen who want to get a jump on the ol’ anti-wrinkle routine.

Cellex-C Men’s Kit

Why it’s cool: Containing High Potency Serum and Hydra B5 Complex, this top-of-the-line, highly effective anti-aging product is for SharpMen serious about the appearance of their skin.

Why we chose it: A major breakthrough, this two-step men’s skin care system is designed to prevent premature signs of aging — and it really does the job. We know, we know, you’ve heard it all before. But this product is different. It’s fast becoming known as one of the best on the market, an amazing combination that produces real results.

Z. Bigatti Re-Storation Skin Treatment

Why it’s cool: This all-in-one skin therapy does everything you could ever want. It’s clinically proven to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It also helps prevent further damage by moisturizing and nourishing your skin, and even exfoliates.

Why we chose it: Developed by a dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon, this skin care line is for those who insist on the best. And when it comes to your skin (one of the first things women notice), why take chances with cheap drugstore products? Once again, higher quality ingredients produce higher quality results.

Z. Bigatti Deep Repair Serum

Why it’s cool: This product is designed to repair and protect skin that’s been overwhelmed by outside forces — like tanning and pollution — and contains a healthy dose of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and botanicals.

Why we chose it: This extra-concentrated skin therapy is especially appropriate for dry, damaged skin. It reduces fine lines, firms and smooths, reduces pore size, and improves overall skin tone.

Dr. Owsley Factor Q

Why it’s cool: First of all, the name is cool — sounds like a Star Trek episode, eh? This isn’t one you’ll be embarrassed by if your buddies see it on your counter. Second, it works.

Why we chose it: This concoction actually stimulates the skin’s vital cell functions from within, improving those fine facial lines by promoting the restructuring of the skin’s collagen and elastin.

ILONA RECUPERATION Accelerated Repair Complex

Why it’s cool: Containing a hefty dose of natural vitamins and botanical extracts, it’s also laden with new, high-tech ingredients, which is why this serum is known as "the most significant development ever in skin reparation technology."

Why we chose it: This product actually helps the skin repair itself. It contains bioactive accelerators that accelerate skin’s healing, and even strengthens the skin’s ability to fight off external irritants. Plus, if up till now you’ve been using non-SharpMan-Approved anti-aging products that’ve irritated your skin and made it extra sensitive, this product will soothe your skin and help repair it.

Kinerase Cream

Why it’s cool: This is the one you want if your skin problems result from over-exposure to the sun. It’ll really help the skin’s appearance. It’s also great at improving rough texture.

Why we chose it: A recent study showed that this cream noticeably improved the appearance of wrinkles and blotchy color, but didn’t have the side effects (redness, peeling) associated with prescription treatments like Renova. For SharpMen who already have sensitive skin easily irritated by shaving, this product is gold.

JOEY NEW YORK Double Stuff Day and Night Eye Treatments

Why it’s cool: This double dose of moisture acts together to keep the delicate skin around your eyes (the skin most prone to wrinkling) moisturized, and therefore, less prone to wrinkling. Another great one for younger SharpMen, this combo is your choice if you’re looking for a wrinkle preventative rather than a fix. The set includes Lift-Up Eye Gel, which you apply in the daytime, and Firm and Tone Eye Cream for before bed.

Why we chose it: It’s not only effective, it’s efficient and — and as this kind of stuff goes — kind of fun to use. Plus, the ingredients are top-notch.

Finally, Stay Away from Rays

Ultimately, the most effective way to prevent wrinkles is to drink water, limit booze intake, avoid cigarette and cigar smoke as often as possible and STAY OUT OF THE SUN.

This article last updated on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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