Converting Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Monday 11th October 2010
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Those who follow know that we aren’t ones to tout "new looks" and what’s "hot." Being a SharpMan has always been about defining an individual style that goes beyond what’s "cool" today, gone tomorrow. But this season seems different. For the first time in a while, fashion gurus "get it." Suddenly individual style "works" again. That’s what is all about. So we brought in SharpMan Writer Jordan Dechambre, an editor of Saks Fifth Avenue’s Cornerstone magazine, to spill the goods about "Spring 2001" and provide a few pointers on how SharpMen can use items in their existing wardrobe to get in on the action. Check it out:

Say goodbye to parkas, wool sweaters and insulated boots. Spring is almost here, and your winter clothes need a vacation. After one of the coldest winters in the past five years, SharpMen are long overdue for some lighter spring looks. So, toss that long underwear in the basement and start thinking "conversion."

Out with the Old, In with the New

Two words describe Spring 2001: anything goes. It’s true. This next season brings with it a change in the fashion "rules" — a welcome change for guys who refuse to shell out big bucks whenever designers decide they need a new vacation home. Rather than following the crowd of fashion-obsessed sheep, this spring’s "look" encourages SharpMen to incorporate their own personal style into everything they put on — a type of fashion season if there ever was one. Whether trousers with sneakers, 80s punk, or 70s retro — whatever feels right for you — it’s a fashion-free-fall for spring. Need some pointers? Check out these tips for what’s "hot:"

Generation-inspired looks. No matter what decade you dig — the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s, there’s a place for it in your wardrobe this spring. Believe it or not, Grease is the word again. The 50s-inspired look is back and bigger than ever — right down to the leather pants that graced the men’s fashion runways last fall. Don’t put those bad boys away yet — they’re sticking around. Just grab a white Hanes T-shirt and you’ll be ready for a night on the town. Oh, but take it easy on the pomade hair.

Retro designs — including dots, geometric shapes, and plaids — will be huge this spring. Try a Pucci-inspired shirt (geometric shapes) to hit the town, or a Burberry jacket (plaid) for work. Either way, you’ll be trend-right. And don’t forget the 80s! Toss in your old Flock of Seagulls CD, dig out those parachute pants. Just kidding! That’s one 80s look that won’t be rising from its grave. But easy-to-move-in fabrics, wide belts and preppie looks will be making a fast return.

God save the denim! Denim is a hot commodity these days. And I don’t just mean denim jeans. Denim jackets, shirts and studded cowboy looks will be hot. It’s time to bring back your old, faded Levi’s (I’m sure you never actually put them "away"). The hottest looks are stonewashed and worn. Broken-in jeans and a classic white tee will continue to be a major fashion "do," and won’t empty your wallet. Also break out your old bowling shirts and shoes. Both are making a return for Spring 2001. For chilly nights, trade in your polar fleece for a sleek trench coat — an alternative to super-casual that’s perfect for a night out on the town.

Sports fanatics unite. It’s good to be a jock, SharpMen. If you’ve got a closet full of sports clothes, you’re one step ahead of the game. Sporty sweatshirts, tees, modern wind pants and high-tech sneakers are making the transition from causal weekend wear to high-fashion wear. Good for college SharpMen, bad for working SharpMen. But not to fear: classic, casual suits will never go out of style. For an update, mix and match pants and jackets.

A Color Revival

Clear the way for the return of color — and patterns. Hot colors for spring aren’t too much of a variation from winter. We’re all sick of that black and gray "rule for cool," anyway. Color, color and more color was the look on the runways for men’s spring collections. Anything bright is back with a vengeance. Daring greens, blues, oranges and even reds are making a return. Remember your old preppie faves? Checks, dots and plaids will all be hot. And don’t forget to try these colors and patterns in pants, as well as shirts. Ralph Lauren’s signature classic styles are in full gear — horse, jockey, and all. For you SharpMen that still stand by your existing collection of dark threads, black, brown and gray will still work well.

The Next Step

Now you know what’s hot. It’s up to you to take these great new styles, your classic pieces and your individual style to create a customized spring wardrobe that’s about you. One other rule: stay sharp…

Keeping the Classics

Certain items in your closet will never go out of style. Here’s a quick checklist of fashion must-haves for every season, every year:

  • classic white and French blue button-down shirts
  • black, single-pleat trousers
  • a red tie
  • a white T-shirt
  • black leather shoes
  • comfortable jeans
  • khakis
This article last updated on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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