Easy Points: Ten Things No SharpMan Should Ever Do at the Start of a Date

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Thursday 14th October 2010
In this article
  • The simple things that will score you points.
  • The simple things that will cost you points, even if you’re a good guy.
  • Other simple things that SharpWomen can’t help but notice.

SharpMen have asked for them; we deliver:

Easy points are what early dating is all about. Let’s face it, she doesn’t know you, you don’t know her — so both SharpMen and SharpWomen tend to gather first impressions based on, well, the basics. Here are a few simple "don’ts" often overlooked by busy, spacey or otherwise well-meaning, but nervous SharpMen:

Failing to come to the door (unless asked otherwise)

Failing to be polite to her mother, sister or roommate (that’s low-hanging fruit, buddy).

Failing to resist the temptation to hit on her mother (some are hot), sister (some are not) or roommate.

Failing to tell her she looks great (again, easy points).

Failing to have removed all of your crap off of the front seat prior to picking her up (or at least prior to going to her door).

Failing to open her door (old-school, but SharpWomen can’t help but love it).

Failing to notice whether she reaches over to try to open or unlock your door (hey, even you’ve got standards…).

Failing to close the window or turn off the A/C if she’s cold (remember, you’re at "man-temperature," she’s not).

Failing to have something planned (unless she has specifically planned something).

Failing to play appropriate music while she’s riding in your car, or failing to turn down the volume — even if your "theme song" is playing (rock on). Better yet, give her a choice of two CDs/tapes/radio stations (you’re all heart, SharpMan…).

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This article last updated on Thursday 14th October 2010
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