A Little Stalking, Anyone?

Dear J & J: I met a girl through some friends (she works with them) and spent some time talking to her at a party. I e-mailed her the following day but got no reply. Then I went by their office to say hello, but she seemed really freaked out. What’s her problem? She really seemed to like me at the party.

JACK: She probably did, but values her job more. What are you, a stalker? Learn to spell "TRO" (Temporary Restraining Order) and take a hint. Next time wait for her to hit "Reply."

JILL: It's a fine line between "romantic" (a fictional movie character who causes women to sigh dreamily) and a stalker, my friend. "Stalker" is typically a "romantic" that the woman in question doesn't like. To ensure you're not mistaken for the less desirable of the two, make a point of being sure that the object of your attention really does like you back before you start showing up at her place of work or under her window sill. Otherwise, back off immediately. A failure to reply to a phone call or e-mail is a pretty good sign that you should take it real slow. After all, women talk, and no one wants to date a guy who's been slapped with a restraining order.



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