Bad Medicine

Dear J & J: I recently went out while recovering from the flu and had to blow my nose during the date. It, uh, didn’t come off so well. What are the rules on blowing your nose on a date?

JILL: If you've gotta, you've gotta. It certainly beats constantly sucking the mucus back up your nose or wiping it on your sleeve. The key to social nose blowing is subtlety. Ideally, SharpMen should excuse themselves from the table and blow into a fresh tissue. If you're so sick that this practice would require you to constantly leave the table, consider rescheduling the date.

Constant nose blowing, like bad habit-cousins nail-biting, ear/nose-picking and knuckle-cracking, are better left to the privacy of your own bathroom. They're a huge turn-off to most humans, especially women, aside from the unfortunate side effect of making you look nervous and dorky. Dating's hard enough; no need to give her any concrete reasons not to go out with you

JACK: Unless you’re married with children and just don’t care, the rule is, has been, and always will be, to excuse yourself to the restroom. And don’t forget to check yourself in the mirror before you return.'



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