Bad Words

Dear J & J: Obviously, I hate when I’m on a first date and the woman starts mouthing off with "F" and "S" words, but my friends and I are at a disagreement as to whether it’s OK for guys to cuss on a date. I mean, we’re guys, right?

Portsmouth, ME

JACK: Dear Double Standard:

What, are you kidding? Profanity has no place on a first, second or third date, and this applies to both genders. On the other hand, if you're looking for a human bottle opener who cares? The same goes for you.

JILL: Uh, no. First dates are about maintaining one’s best behavior. After all, there are lots off things that you let "slip" once you get to know one another, but you’d never do on a first date, right? (Eeeeeew!) Call me a priss, but I include foul-mouthed comments in this category.



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