Kissing 101

Dear J & J: This has to be by far the best Web site that I have visited! (But you already knew that!) Desperately looking forward to hearing from you in the future!

My question is, is it always a good rule of thumb not to kiss on the first date, or do you just go with the flow?!

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JACK: As they say, there is no rule that wasn't made to be broken. While slower is almost always better, there are some impassible moments, that, if not taken advantage of, will underscore regret, not just for you, but for her as well. Anything from an amazing sunset, an incredibly slow valet, or a dramatic pause in conversation, may present the moment.

JILL: The only rule is: there are no rules. I agree with Jack; while getting to know someone may be the best way to look before you leap, romance and caution don’t always go hand in hand. Go with what you feel the moment calls for.



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