Mixing Messages

Dear J & J: I met this girl while visiting a buddy in Phoenix. A few weeks later she had plans to visit a friend in my home town. I called her and told her that I wanted to take her out and asked her to save an evening for me. The night she arrived in town, I was getting on a plane to head back home. I called her before I took off to make sure we were still on. She told me that we were, but invited me out with a group of her friends. We had a great time, and I assumed that the following night we would go out alone. But no, she said, if you want a night with me, you have to ask me out for a proper date. Hello?!?! I totally did — by calling her before and after she arrived in town. Have I missed something?

Chicago, IL

Jack: The girl’s a psycho, dude. Stay clear.

Jill: It’s true; the girl could be a psycho. But she could also be a game player who thinks she’s giving you good chase. Some guys are really into that. It’s up to you whether you want to put up with a woman who double-talks and distinguishes so finely about whether you "properly" asked her out or not. Plus, consider the fact that she doesn’t live in town, so you’ll have to work extra hard to get your mind played with.



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