Seriously, What Shoes Go With Seersucker?

I have finally convinced my wife to let me get a seersucker suit. Well, convinced is not exactly accurate. It is more along the lines of she has refused to continue to argue against the idea. Where I come from, that is a sign of approval. I plan to get an Ashford Lane blue/white seersucker suit, but I’m unsure of acceptable footwear/sock combinations to accessorize the outfit. I am well aware that white bucks are the norm and will go that way if necessary. I was just wondering what my other options might be?

A. H.
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The SharpThreads Guy: You could mention to your wife that The New York Times style editors recently proclaimed seersucker hip and trendy! Of course that means that it no longer is. . . but she probably won't know that. The STG loves seersucker for precisely the opposite reason. The classic blue/white suit has a retro vibe that carries a whiff of the Old South, G&T's on the veranda and lunch at the country club.

Seersucker opens up a whole world of shoe possibilities. White or dirty bucks are the solidly conventional choice, and anything in the light brown family (whiskey, chestnut, London tan…) is also appropriate. However, the man who confidently reaches for this suit (in spite of unwelcome back-chat from the wife) can look upon it as an opportunity to bring out some of the more esoteric shoes gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe. Don’t miss the chance to lace up a pair of spectators! Still have your father's saddle shoes? If not now…when? Feeling particularly outré? Slip on those espadrilles from the beach last summer.

Socks in a blue that approximates or is slightly lighter than the stripe will always work, but you've come this far; why stop now? How about aqua green or something in a pastel? The STG's favorite sock selecting gambit is always picking a secondary or, better yet, a tertiary color in the tie and matching to that. You could also declare that "no tie = no socks."



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