Soften Up Suede

My husband has a suede jacket that has gotten stiff. Can you suggest any way to soften it up?

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The SharpThreads Guy: Suede, like any other type of leather, will dry out and stiffen if neglected for long periods. Suede can also be a little more delicate than other leathers when it comes to adding back lost moisture. One can’t just slather on a layer of saddle soap or mink oil and watch the leather drink deeply. The situation is fraught with potential for unwanted staining or darkening. The STG shies away from sprays, creams, cleaners or lotions for all things suede other than shoes. Try this — tell your husband to grit his teeth and just wear it. See if the warmth of actually having a body inside the jacket for a change helps loosen it up a bit. If it's really crusty, try wearing it in a steamy bathroom for a spell. Move around. Swing the arms. If it's still making noise when he bends his elbow, try a spray conditioner and a vigorous brushing as a last resort.



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