The Fickle Fedora

I really like old style hats such as fedoras or newsboys. The problem is that I am in my early twenties. Is it ever fashionable for me to wear these hats and do you think they will make a comeback?

S. E.
No Address Given

The SharpThreads Guy: Your eye for hats does you credit. Newsboy hats (especially worn backwards) have enjoyed resurgence in popularity and are age-appropriate for you. The fedoras and other more esoteric hats such as the homburg, the trilby and the boater will probably remain the exception rather than the rule. The days when a gentleman was not fully dressed without a hat are long gone. While a certain gravitas and charisma that often comes with age does help carry off the look, a younger man can make the fedora work as part of a jaunty look that nods to the past. Be prepared for the attention the lid will bring. You will be swimming against a tide of baseball caps and buckets.



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