"Uh, Just Thought You Should Know…"

Dear J & J: After talking on the phone for about a month, this girl and I finally met face to face a couple of days ago. We went out on a casual date and we had a real great time. There was obvious chemistry — we held hands and flirted — and it felt like things were going well. Then, out of nowhere, she went to a party and met some guy. The next morning she asked me if it
was "all right" for her to go out to parties with this new guy. Obviously, I was mad, but the weird thing is, we weren’t even formally dating! But the way she "asked" me, she made it sound like she thought we were a couple. If so, what kind of "coupledom" includes asking for permission to see another guy?

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JACK: It sounds like she likes you as a person, but still feels like she wants to date around. Her "asking" was probably just her way of letting you know her position in order to be considerate.

JILL: I agree with Jack. Despite the fact that you’d like to focus on her, she’s obviously in a different state of mind. It may not even have anything to do with how much she likes you. In order to protect your own feelings, follow her lead and go out with other girls — but not to the same parties. Read What to Do When She Plays the Field for more tips.



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