Holiday Gift Guide for Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friends and Female Coworkers

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Sunday 10th October 2010
In this article
  • Finding holiday gifts that are appropriate for various female relatives and friends.
  • Gifts that are within your budget and convenient to obtain.
  • Buying her things she’ll love and will actually use.
Holiday Gift Guide for Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friends and Female Coworkers

Haven’t given much thought to what you’ll get your mom for the holidays?

Well hey, why worry, eh? Mom will probably love anything you give her. After all, she was thrilled with that lopsided ceramic duck you made her with in the second grade, right?


But now you’re a little older. And a little wiser. A little…well…tired of the fake "I love it, dear" smile. This year, you want to get your mom something she’ll really enjoy. But if you’re like most SharpMen, you have no idea what that is.

SharpMan’s here to help. Whether it’s a gift for mom, grandma or your sis, we’ll help you choose gifts you don’t have to leave the house for. (And also check out least week’s article on Great Gifts for Your SharpWoman).

Great Gifts for Mom

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Leather Purse

Why it’s cool: Dooney and Bourke is renowned for its water-repellent, grained French leather. This purse model features a practical brass clasp and comfortable shoulder strap, with a two-pocket interior for credit cards.

Why we chose it: If your mom’s like every mom we’ve ever met, she’s got a huge, beat-up old purse stuffed to the brim with who knows what (mysterious mom stuff, we guess). Replace her ratty old one with this wonderful new one. It’s big enough to hold everything she likes to carry, and is quelle stylishe to boot. Plus it’s top-quality leather that’ll last her for years and still look great, even through the snow and slush. Which is good, because she never throws her purses away.

Kosta Boda Vase

Why it’s cool: Just look at it. Hypnotizing. Focusing on the soft use of light and color, this vase is inspired by the "circle of life" and aims to appeal to all the senses (except smell or the ability to see dead people, of course). Kosta Boda is an over-250-year-old design firm that originally supplied window glass for the royal palace in Sweden, and has stuck by its illustrious design heritage.

Why we chose it: It’s incredibly gorgeous. Moms will drool over it. And we can’t believe the reasonable price. Need we say more?

Back Massage Wrap

Why it’s cool: Look, Ma, no hands! This hands-free, relaxing massager wraps around the back or neck like a towel, enveloping her in penetrating warmth while providing a soothing massage. She can select the location and intensity, and also has the option of moist heat. Plus, it’s machine washable.

Why we chose it: Who doesn’t need to de-stress in these hectic days? And if your mom’s sporty and likes to unwind after a workout, or she’s getting to that age where she starts to get aches and pains, this massage wrap is perfect. Make up for that difficult birth she’s always guilting you with.

Laura Ashley Velvet Wrap Scarf

Why it’s cool: This attractive velvet, fringed scarf makes the perfect stylish wrap on a cold winter’s day. An ultra-soft blend of rayon and silk, it’s made by one of the best-known designers of women’s quality accessories. Very feminine.

Why we chose it: Buying a scarf for your mom is the equivalent of buying a tie for your dad, but not when we’re talking about something this exquisite. It’s more than just a scarf: it’s a wrap that can be tied numerous ways, or even displayed around the house on a chair or sofa back. Plus, the price is right on.

Great Gifts for Grandma


Why they’re cool: What grandmother wouldn’t love sending her correspondence out with a stamp or address label featuring her family or favorite grandchild? They’re really fun, and super easy to order.

Why we chose it: Grandmas are sentimental. They love this stuff. And every time she puts one on her mail, she’ll be reminded of how much you love her, even if you’re far away. Again, the price is great. Hurry for guaranteed X-mas delivery.

Topaz, Crystal, and Antique-Finish Miniature Box

Why it’s cool: This charming box from renowned artist/jeweler Jay Strongwater is individually cast, enameled by hand, and literally ablaze with color. His designs are consistently featured in home and design magazines, and have adorned the runways of famous fashion designers. Plus, the intricate design is just the thing grandmas love.

Why we chose it: Want to go all out for Grandma this year? This is the gift for you. She’ll oooh and aaaah over it, and love showing it around. It’s the perfect ring box to go on her dresser, or a lovely display piece in her curio cabinet. Plus, it promises to be a real collector’s item.

Condiment Dish with Birdbath Design and Snake Spoon

Why it’s cool: Check out this silver-plated bird and snake dish! Is this groovy, or what? A real eye-catcher, and she’ll love showing it off at dinners and family events, where can proudly say, "My grandson gave this to me."

Why we chose it: If your grandma’s old-fashioned, she’ll remember the day when a table wasn’t complete without a condiment dish (i.e. mustard wasn’t squirted noisily from a plastic container). This small dish with dainty serving spoon is much more elegant. It’s also perfect for any other condiment, including salt or pepper. And the price is terrific.

Great Gifts for Sister, Cousin, and Other Female Relatives

Artistic Glass Candlestick

Why it’s cool: Forget about boring silver or brass candlesticks. This candlestick is one of the finest we’ve seen. Made by Kosta Boda (the same maker of the vase above), it’s truly a treat for the eye.

Why we chose it: Definitely a cool, unique design, quality glassmaker, great price. And who doesn’t need candlesticks?

"Adam" Metalware

Why it’s cool: Made from oxidized brass and silver plate, this outstanding vessel features a handsome male form "for her enjoyment" (just joking).

Why we chose it: Those single gals in your family need something to drool over, so take pity on them by coughing up this "Adam" metalware vessel. Perfect for "Girl’s Night In." If it’s too racy or inappropriate for her, or she’s already got a significant other who wouldn’t appreciate this sexy cup, she’ll also find the beautiful Garden Water Vessel in the same line to be just as great.

Japanese Bath Kit

Why it’s cool: The traditional Japanese bath is intended to be far more spiritual than the typical American bath; it’s meant more for soaking than cleansing. In fact, traditional Japanese bathers actually wash themselves before entering the bath in order to avoid dirtying the water. A new and unique experience, this kit (for one or two people) contains a bath ladle, bath salts, a body brush, floating candles, soap, soap dish, incense, and pamphlet on the history of the Japanese bath.

Why we chose it: You can be pretty darn sure that unless she’s visited Japan, she hasn’t experienced anything like this before. A truly memorable gift.

Great Gifts for Female Friends and Coworkers

Often gifts to female friends, and particularly gifts to female coworkers, are simply meant as friendly tokens that cannot have sexual connotations. Check out our suggestions:

Leaping Frog Corkscrew

Why it’s cool: A gift that’s both whimsical and functional, this frog corkscrew is truly unique. What a fun present.

Why we chose it:

It’s a charming, durable gift that SharpWomen will find handy, especially when entertaining. It not only opens wine quickly and easily; its design makes it a real ice-breaker with guests. And she’ll never know the price is low, low, low.

Office Travel Kit

Why it’s cool: This travel kit holds tons of useful stuff: highlighter, eyeglasses frame screwdriver, ruler, calculator/alarm clock, 200-year calendar, letter opener, card holder, stapler, paper clips, penknife, and sensor pen that blinks silently for cell phone calls. Whew! Hold on a sec, gotta get my breath back…

Why we chose it: You never know when you’ll need this kind of stuff; it’s always handy to have around. She’ll think you spent a fortune, but the one we’ve found actually has a very reasonable price.

Tranquility Chime

Why it’s cool: This chime induces serenity and relaxation by gently ringing hundreds of tiny beads every time she turns it over, resulting in a sound similar to a soft, soothing rain. It’s made of non-endangered hardwood, and plays for 10-25 minutes.

Why we chose it: It’s the perfect thing to have next to her easy chair at the end of a long day: come home, toss off the shoes, plop down, turn the Tranquility Chime over, and just lie still with her eyes closed for a few minutes while stress and tension melt away. Or, it’s wonderful to have next to her bed to help her sleep. And again, a great price.

This article last updated on Sunday 10th October 2010
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