A little about us

What is SharpMan.com?

SharpMan.com is the pre-eminent online information tool for today’s men — a one-stop resource for achieving the socially competitive edge. Launched in June 1999, this award-winning site serves as "The Ultimate Men's Guide to SharpLiving," featuring targeted "how-to" information on grooming, dating, wardrobe, travel, work, health and more, in addition to editorial advice on consumer goods and services. The site provides the A-to-Z of being a "sharp man" — all in an easy-to-"click" format.

Just another guy’s site?

No way. SharpMan.com seeks to provide for today's men what Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia delivers to women — a visually-appealing, full-service information source that directs every man to the answers he seeks. Through articles, columns and personalized e-mail feedback, the SharpMan.com Team offers useful information on grooming, appealing to women, and handling office politics — all as a sharp man would. The goal is to arm each reader with step-by-step instructions on "how to" present himself in his best light — and become the socially and professionally successful man he seeks to be.

Moreover, SharpMan.com’s unique "Consumer Reports"-style editorial content simplifies the process of sorting through and evaluating the barrage of products — grooming, dating, wardrobe, travel, work, health and more — currently marketed to men.

Most critically, with more than 53% of men only accessing the Internet at their place of work, SharpMan.com’s non-erotic interface makes it suitable for readers to obtain this valuable information where and when it is most convenient — including at the office. You won’t find flashing banners for liquor, online "gentlemen’s clubs" or gaming sites on SharpMan.com — the site’s interface is designed to be professional, clean and easy to read.

SharpMan Press and Accolades

SharpMan.com regularly receives attention from both men’s and women’s media sources, including:

Wall Street Journal (August 1999), which "broke" the SharpMan.com story in their U.S., European and Asian versions of the Technology section, serving as SharpMan.com’s inaugural press coverage.

Access Magazine (March 2000), a nationally syndicated, industry-recognized online and offline Web ranking service, that awarded a top four-star rating to SharpMan.com’s site — scoring SharpMan.com above Esquire.com and other older, more established men’s information providers.

America Online (AOL) (July 2000), which featured SharpMan.com’s men’s dating content on their "Welcome Page" only weeks after striking a deal to receive remuneration for featuring another men's site content in one of AOL's men’s sections. SharpMan.com content continues to be regularly featured in AOL’s "Men," "Love," "Health" and other sections.

Who is the SharpMan Reader?

SharpMan.com is fortunate to have the eyes and ears of an enviable demographic. While casual observers may assume that men who frequent a "guy’s site" are either beer-belching misogynists or socially inept stereotypes, the SharpMan.com readership is comprised of accomplished men and women seeking additional information on how to maximize their existing social and professional success. Our "SharpMen" and "SharpWomen" are:

In General:

  • 95% male, 5% female
  • 58% 18 to 34 years old
  • 29% 35 to 49 years old
  • 71% "Professional," "Technical" or "Business / Finance"
  • 45% earning in excess of $50,000 per year


SharpMan readers spend an average of 8:32 minutes on the site each time they visit.
20% of SharpMen visit the site two or more times per week.

The SharpMan Team

The SharpMan Editorial Team.

"If you don’t get it from the source, you can’t count on it."

SharpMan’s team of editors, writers and researchers works to aggregate the very best "how-to" information and present it in a highly readable, highly usable, step-by-step format.

Many men’s sites provide men with information on women — from other men. SharpMan.com polls SharpWomen readers and other information sources to provide the most useful firsthand dating and female-related information. Each article undergoes a series of edits by both male and female editors.

Additionally, where appropriate, our grooming, work, travel, health and toys articles are written and edited by professionals in the subject field.

Our goal is to respond to our readers' interests and needs. To submit a topic for a future SharpMan.com article, please choose "SharpMan Article Suggestions" at CONTACT SHARPMAN.