Looking Sharp at the Beach: Choosing Swim Trunks That Flatter

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Monday 11th October 2010
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With spring nearly turning to summer, many SharpMen begin thinking about getting back to the surf, sand and sun. That’s right, it's time to plan and prepare for your beach vacation.

Not sure if your winter "form" is ready for all to see this summer? Check out this first installment of SharpGrooming’s series, Looking Sharp at the Beach, devoted to matching your frame with a suit that flatters:

Looking Good in Your Swimming Trunks

Most SharpMen never think about their swim trunks until the moment they put them on again after a long winter. And then it hits them: those long hours, the reduced trips to the gym and a winter’s worth of beer and bar food have taken their toll. The fact is that your suit may not even fit you anymore. Don’t discover this in your hotel room. Take a minute to try it on at home. Do you like what you see? If not, you may be surprised to learn that various styles may be more flattering to your frame. Check out these guidelines:

For the Tall SharpMan

Many tall, thin guys would prefer to take attention away from their tall stems. To do this, avoid shorter suits. For example, a Speedo-style suit will show more of your legs and therefore emphasize your height. Instead, choose a pair of Bermuda shorts that fall just above your knee; this suit will take the visual focus away from your legs and your height. Avoid suits that are too fitted — a style that is somewhat "baggy" will further de-emphasize your height by adding some girth. As for fabric patterns, any horizontally-oriented pattern can create the illusion of width. Avoid vertical stripes.

For the Shorter SharpMan

Unlike the tall SharpMen, shorter profiles should choose styles that accentuate the length of their legs. For this reason, avoid Bermuda shorts and go for more "classic" swimming short styles. Classic men’s swimming shorts are generally shorter than other styles, great for adding leg/height and creating a slimming effect. Alternatively, lifeguard shorts also look great on shorter guys, provided that they’re not too long (like board shorts). Avoid busy patterns, opt for solids in darker colors or patterns with vertical stripes.

For the Heavier SharpMan

Forget Speedos and Bermuda shorts. More robust looking SharpMen should "show leg" in order to focus attention away from their midsection. Think short and not-so-snug. Having suggested "not-so-snug," you may be tempted to choose a really baggy pair of shorts in order to hide those extra brewsky pounds many SharpMen put on in winter. Forget that. Baggy just adds pounds. Try lifeguard shorts, which suit many body frames, and choose a size that is neither tight nor baggy. Avoid busy patterns, and opt for darker solid colors or those with tone-on-tone vertical stripes for a slimming effect.

For the Thin SharpMan

Fuller SharpMen are always shocked to hear that their leaner brethren have anything to complain about. Regardless, the fact is that thinner guys often want to look more bulky. How can they do this? Avoid tight, revealing styles; such styles will highlight your lean frame. Choosing a bathing suit style that adds width is your best bet. Consider a pair of loose-fitting lifeguard shorts — but nothing longer. While you may be tempted to hide your legs under long Bermuda shorts, this tactic actually has the opposite effect of emphasizing how lost your legs are underneath all that fabric. As for patterns, consider bright colors with busy, horizontally-oriented patterns. Avoid vertical stripes.

This article last updated on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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