Maximize Your Closet Space

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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Maximize Your Closet Space

Maybe you’re a single guy in a cramped apartment, or you have a huge pad but your SharpWoman is encroaching on your side of the closet. In any event, most SharpMen could use a little more storage space for their threads. Take your first step towards getting organized by checking out these SharpToys tips for making the most out of your closet:

Stuff to Enhance Your Closet Space

SharpMen who work in business casual environments may find that they hardly ever don the suits they thought they had to "invest" in. Consequently, a good number of suits may be loafing around your closet like unwanted Chinese food leftovers in the fridge. Of course, after reading SharpGrooming’s Dry Cleaning Tips, you know you can’t simply store these items in their carcinogenic plastic wraps without incurring the wrath of bad smells — how can you keep suits stored long-term smelling as "fresh" as the money you shelled out to dry clean them? Store them right. Bags designed especially for long-term suit storage prevent moths from munching and smells from sticking. Brookstone sells a set of two storage bags that’ll keep your threads dry and critter-free for a surprisingly low cost.

What does your sock drawer look like? How often are you searching for a matching pair that seems to be playing "hide and seek" — but just on mornings when you’re running late? Consider updating your "storage" system with an item that will also help to cut your sock search time in half. Stackable sock storage boxes, like the birchwood with a rich mahogany finish boxes sold by Brookstone, make it easy to throw in (people usually call this "sort," by the way) socks by type and texture for easy retrieval missions. Plus extra storage boxes will add some class to your closet shelf or (let’s face it) floor, freeing up that drawer space for new underwear (and what kind do the ladies like best? Read Men’s Underwear 101: A Brief Review of Boxers, Bikinis Etc.). Best yet, these expensive-looking boxes are actually very easy on your wallet.

Are your winter clothes and bulky sweaters overflowing from closet shelves? Maximize space and keep moths (you know, they eat your clothes) at bay with a two-tier cedar storage unit. SharpWomen polled love that cedar smell — it really makes SharpMen look like they have their act together (well, at least smell like they have their act together — and that ain’t bad).

What about all those ties and belts? Consider finally giving in and getting one of those organizers designed to keep belts and ties off the floor and the backs of chairs in your bedroom. The whole point is that organizers make it just as easy to hang belts and ties on the rack, so you’re more likely to. Brookstone makes a well-priced version with a twist — this motorized tie and belt rack holds up to 80 ties and belts on non-slip hooks. The motorized feature makes it easy to sort through your inventory without losing patience and dumping the whole lot on the floor.

Creating a Whole New Closet

(show picture ) Is your apartment one of the many whose architect forgot to include any storage areas? Join the club and check out a construction-free solution, like one of the ventilated double wardrobes currently on the market. Unlike hanging racks that leave your mess exposed, Brookstone markets a version with adjustable shelves, allowing you to fold as much — or as little — as necessary. And when you finally "move on up" to a place with more closet space, this unit easily morphs into a miscellaneous storage unit. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out She Notices Your Bathroom, Buddy for more on what we’re yammering about.

This article last updated on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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