Meeting Women: Smooth Lines

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Friday 8th October 2010
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You’ve spotted your target. You just know she’s Ms. Right Now. How to make the move? Rule number one: anything you read in an e-mail forward won’t work. Trust us. Instead, check out these SharpMan tips on smooth lines and props to help you say "hello:"

Step One: Don’t look like a loser. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, approaching women gets a lot easier when you look like you’re there to have a good time. No woman wants to date a loser. Make a point of looking like you’re enjoying yourself, and she may be tempted to come along for the ride.

Step Two: Use your surroundings and props. Look around; where are you? What do you have on you? Be creative with what you bring, but don’t ignore the obvious. Here are a few ideas:

  • Are you at a park? Start a game of _____ and ask her to join in ("hey, these guys are kickin’ our butts, could you help us out?").
  • SharpMan’s always touting the use of a mutt — get yourself a dog, already ("hey, I’d like to get my dog some water, have you seen a water fountain around here?" or "hey, nice dog, what kind is that?").
  • Again, SharpMan believes in using anything. Borrow a kid. Ask for help ("Excuse me, I’m trying to get Billy to try the swings for the first time, do you mind helping me out? — I’m kinda new with kids . . . ").
  • Looking for something at a store? Approach her for directions, advice, etc. ("Excuse me, do you know if this Tuna Mac is better than the others?" or "I’m sorry, could you tell me where you got that?" or "Are you reading that? Is it any good?" or "Excuse me, does this look ridiculous on me? I need all the help I can get . . .").
  • Use an old standby ("Do you have the time?" or "Do you know how to get to _____?").
  • Create a diversion. It sounds corny, but dropping things always elicits assistance ("Jeez, do you mind helping me out? . . . Thanks, you’re a lifesaver, by the way, I’m ______.")
  • Are you at bar or restaurant? Perfect. Send over a drink. Use the waiter to your advantage. Send a note with an offer, a compliment or a joke — but don’t send anything lewd or erotic — no need to scare her off ("Thought you’d enjoy one of these — I love ‘em" or "Great go-go boots" or "I’d love to buy you a drink" or "Interested in long-winded stories about ______? I can help you out").

Step Three: Making contact. OK, now that you’re delivered your cheeseball line, follow up. This is where you translate cheese into substance, so listen up: As she receives the note, helps with the kid/dog, or points to the aisle with the personal hygiene products, make eye contact … now smile. There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? These two actions let her know that you’re asking her for assistance/passing her notes as a transition. Now, gauge her response: what do you see in her eyes? Horror? Uncontrollable projectile vomiting? Is her torso turned towards you, half turned away or is she walking off? Alternatively, is she smiling back and lingering? These are your clues, buddy; use ‘em.

If she’s walking away, answering curtly or avoiding your gaze, tough luck, she’s not into it. This may not be about you — she may need to be alone, she may be in a hurry, or she may be meeting another guy. No need to personalize this — just move right on; there’s nothing more attractive to women — and you just never know.

Also, watch for signs that she’s talking to you while eyeing your friend. She may very well be more interested in who you can introduce her to than in you. Consider whom you hang with, my friend.

On the other hand, if she seems to be responding to your questions, returning that all-important eye contact, and generally hangin’ around, you’re in. Now, one final SharpMove — listen. Continue speaking, making small talk, asking about the venue, elaborating on your questions — and in response — really listen to what she’s saying in response. You’ll be segueing to that chocolate ice-blended invitation (your treat) in no time . . .

This article last updated on Friday 8th October 2010
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