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Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Sunday 10th October 2010
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It seems as though last week’s article on Dry Cleaning Tips really touched a nerve. So you guys want to know more? ‘Cause there’s plenty of it. As it turns out, a dry cleaner can be a busy person’s best friend. Check out these tips on what your dry cleaner can do for you:

Repair services. Got a bunch of torn shirts, loose buttons and broken zippers on your closet floor? Don’t wait for mom to visit. Take them down to your dry cleaner for cleaning and repair. Most dry cleaners provide minor repair services, and the better ones include button replacement, zipper repair and other minor stuff in the price of the cleaning. Patches (for your old jeans) and more extensive repairs are also available for a small fee. What about those torn sheets on your bed, you stud? Take them in for repair before they require tossing. When you consider how long some of your garments have been loitering on your floor, you’ll regard this service as priceless.

Minor alternations. Most dry cleaners have tailors on hand for alteration services. While we do not recommend these tailors for more complex jobs such as altering jacket lines, etc., this service is perfect for cuffs on slacks and other minor alterations.

Shoe shines and repair. Many dry cleaners also offer shoe services. Some can shine your shoes while you wait; others require you to leave a pair with them. The better dry cleaners will also send out your shoes for repair by reputable shoe repair services, saving you the trip. Take advantage of the service — it’s usually a great deal when you consider how much worse your heel of your shoe will get by the time you drag your &^% to the shoe repair place.

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