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Submitting Your Product, Service or Site for Review

SharpMan.com regularly reviews products, services and Web sites in order to find and recommend the very best to our readers. Only products and services that have received a quality evaluation will be featured in SharpMan.com content. If you would like to submit your product, service or Web site for review by the SharpMan Editorial Team, please send promotional materials or a short description to "Product Reviews" at CONTACT SHARPMAN. Please include your name and contact information. If you wish to provide a sample suitable for testing, you may send packages to:

Attention: Product Review

Please note: SharpMan.com will not accept payment for product evaluations or recommendations.

Getting SharpMan.com Content on Your Web Site

Better content improves "stickiness" driving traffic and sales. SharpMan.com offers a number of content-sharing programs that allow high-quality sites to license SharpMan.com’s unique, award-winning content to improve their look, feel and visitor response. To find out about content-sharing opportunities, please send your company information to "Business Alliances" at CONTACT SHARPMAN.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

SharpMan.com features unique corporate sponsorship packages to companies that produce products and services that have already received approval by the SharpMan Editorial Team. In this way the company ensures that SharpMan.com readers do not mistake advertising for endorsement by the editors of SharpMan.com, and also ensures that those companies who do sponsor SharpMan.com receive prime space and attention from loyal SharpMan.com readers. To find out about current programs, please send your company information to "Business Alliances" at CONTACT SHARPMAN.