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Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Tuesday 12th October 2010

March is the Saint Patty’s Day month. If you’re not Irish, this translates into a month’s worth of good excuses to hit your local watering hole. Or better yet, how about opening up your own? Forget the millions of tenant improvement dollars required to reproduce the set of "Cheers." All any SharpMan needs is a great selection of libations — the more unique the better. Since nothing is more unique than your own home brew, check out these Sharp Home Brewing Toys for producing beer, wine and champagne . . .

Beer 101. For true beer connoisseurs, there’s nothing more satisfying than crafting your own — just ask Sam Adams. Check out the home brewing supplies and ingredients at the Happy Days Café Company, where every SharpMan (of legal age) can collect his very own home brewing equipment kit, recipes and ingredients. The home brewing kit includes all the equipment required to brew a batch in your tub or closet, including a six gallon primary fermenter with lid, air lock, bottling bucket with spigot, hydrometer, thermometer, bottle brush, dual handle capper, sterilizer, siphon, and bottling set up. ($55-65). Happy Days also offers ingredient kits complete with bone-head-proof recipes for Cream Ale, Classic Pale Ale or Steam Beer Style, ($30 each).

Wine 101. Too much of a big-shot for beer? Try your hand at wine-making with the Shreve Home Brewing and Wine Making Supply’s wine-making kits and starter ingredients. You’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to make great-tasting vino with wine purees, bases and concentrates. While making wine requires a larger wait than beer (most wines require storage for 2-3 years, then additional time to "peak"), just think of it as 2-3 years of pick-up lines like "Oh, my hobbies? Well, I read and snowboard, but I’m also a hobbyist vintner." She may not know what you’re talking about, but she’ll be impressed nonetheless . . . To begin your life of pretense, check out Shreve’s supply of wine concentrates, purees, supplies, free recipes and advice (prices vary).

Champagne 101. Once you’ve debuted in the winemaking circles, why not move into the more challenging world of Champagne or sparkling wine production? Check out The Home Brew Store’s leftover stock of "Millennium" Champagne kits ("Y-BREW-K") to kick off your exclusive line of sparkling wines. As with producing wine, champagne and sparkling wines ensure years of awesome lines for the ladies . . . (prices vary).

Once you’ve assembled your home brew headquarters, will there be any stopping the chick-magnet that you’ll have become?!?!?!?

This article last updated on Tuesday 12th October 2010
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