Perfect Hair Cuts for All Hair Types

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Tuesday 12th October 2010
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SharpCuts: Perfect Hair Cuts for All Hair Types

We’ve all had them: the bad haircut and the ensuing bad hair day (or month). Consider the connection between the two and avoid both. The following are a list of haircuts, styles and products to bring out the best in every would-be SharpMan:

Straight Hair.

Straight hair often lacks the volume to support high altitude hairstyles. For this reason, a simple cut is your best bet.

DO: A 1940s style with hair cropped short on the sides and in the back. Front parted to the side.

DON’T: A "cookie-cutter" haircut, where the hair on the back and sides of your head is cut above the hairline.

Light to Medium Curly Hair.

While less problematic than super-curls, light to medium curls require special attention:

DO: Sides and back should still be short and tight, with the hair cut above the ears. The less curl in your hair, the longer you can go with your cut on top.

DON’T: Avoid letting all that length go to your head. Growing your hair too long on the top and sides can leave you looking like Mel Gibson ala Mad Max — not the SharpMan look. Too long on the sides and you’ll be back in the late 1970s.

Super Curly Hair.

There are many casual ways to wear super-curly hair, among these: the "afro"; long tresses on all or two sides; or dread-locks. For a cut suitable for most working (read: "dating") environments, there is really only one Sharp style for turbo-curly hair:

DO: Cut hair _ inch short all over, such that your entire head of hair is one length.

DON’T: Never comb out longer curly hair — avoid frizz.

Fine Hair.

Fine hair can look fuller if you style right:

DO: Request a short cut that pushes the hair forward, Sparticus-style. This allows each hair to cover more of your scalp, thereby making your hair look thicker than it is.

DON’T: Cuts that call for you to comb hair sideways or back highlight the fact that your hair is fine.

Thinning Hair.

Hair that is thinning around the front hairline (not at the back or crown of your head) is treated similarly to fine hair, with special attention paid to the sides of your front hairline, where hair is receding:

DO: As with fine hair, comb forward, taking emphasis off the receding hairline. As for cut, keep hair cropped fairly short on top and sides, no more than 1 to 1 1/2 inches long.

DON’T: Avoid adhering flat, thinning hair to the scalp, or growing one side longer for the "comb-over".

SharpMan Tip: A common misconception dictates that blow-drying is required for a great hair day. However, hairdryers are not always necessary. For shorter hairstyles, towel dry first, then apply hair product and allow hair to dry naturally. Don’t plug in unless the product instructions call for it.

Great hair days begin with great haircuts and practice. Take time to get to know your hair and what it can and can’t do. Don’t fight Mother Nature - go with what you have naturally so that your style won’t look "strained". Remember that for men there is no mandate to change your hairstyle with the seasons. Find and stick to what works for you, and every day will be a SharpHair day.

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