SharpToys for Rainy Day Great Dates

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Tuesday 12th October 2010
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SharpToys for Rainy Day Great Dates

Still raining (or snowing) in your neck of the words? Don’t let the rain put a damper on your Great Date plans for a romantic picnic in the park. Think Sharp with these rainy day SharpToys built for two:

Start with the basics— an umbrella. Sure guys in the movies hold up a raincoat or newspaper, but have you ever seen one of those valiant movie SharpMen actually eating their roast beef two-fister? No way. Get an umbrella. What, can’t find yours? Relax. It is the rare SharpMan who retains his umbrellas from year-to-year, let alone from one rainy day to the next. To avoid being the gentleman stuck with his SharpRear out in the rain, we suggest picking up an umbrella built for two. Check out the Ultra Light Family Umbrella ($25.00). It opens and closes with a click of a button, it’s Teflon-coated and designed to prevent winds of up to 60-miles-per-hour from turning it over and carrying it away. (That would suck.) Best yet, it provides a giant protective arc of nearly five feet across, and folds down into a small 20-inch baton. ‘Ultra Light’ is perfect opened or closed, cause you know you’ll be the one stuck holding it up and carrying it home.

Need tunes to make romance happen? Check out the CD Shower Companion ($189.95). Sure you could use it in the shower, but don’t stop there — this CD player provides the perfect, worry-free and water-resistant serenade for that rainy park bench lunch. Don’t forget the raincoats and her favorite sappy chick-flick soundtrack. Forgot it? No sweat. Default to the Shower Companion’s AM/FM radio.

Getting back to your place. OK, ready for the point of this whole exercise in water-log? Tempt her back to your place by describing the new hotel-style Towel Warmer you just picked up ($95.00). Ooooh, warm towels. That’s right, just come right over. This handy unit heats towels up in minutes. No wall installation required; just plug it in to a standard outlet. Of course, this might require you to actually get some towels.

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