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Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Tuesday 12th October 2010
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  • Cool adventure notebooks.
  • Cool adventure pens.
  • Cool stuff to keep your other stuff dry.

Every now and again, the SharpMan Editorial Team spies a new product line that just rocks. This week, we bring you our favorite picks from the new Levenger line of adventure gear — designed for SharpWork while you SharpTravel. Check them out:

Circa H20 Notebooks.

This product is so cool. Perfect for the sailor, hiker or beach-going SharpMan, the Levenger Circa H2O Notebooks have moisture-resistant sheets of paper perfect for jotting down adventure-inspired thoughts and smore-induced-hysteria love dribbles. Even when dowsed by summer’s best, the notebook pages get wet, but never soggy, leaving your rantings intact. When used with a pencil, your notes can be erased and the pages reused for your next big inspiration. Best yet, like all Levenger Circa products, the pages can be removed, reordered and reattached within this notebook or any other in the Circa series. The H2O series comes in two sizes: the Circa Pocket (3 _" x 6 _", $19.95 with a with free pencil clip); and the Circa Junior (6" x 8 _", $24.95 also with free pencil clip). LINK

Extreme Ballpoint Pens.

Once you’ve got the adventure notebook, don’t leave home without a pen. The Levenger Extreme Ballpoints write as smoothly as SharpMen would expect from the Levenger brand, and feature a soft grip for ease of, well, gripping (with wet sailor’s fingers) and comfort. Best yet, the pens hang from a climber’s carabineer for easy clipping and unclipping from your belt loop, vest or parachute. You just never know when inspiration will strike, right? Set of two pens, $14.95; 5 ballpoint refills, $7.95. LINK

Document, Cell Phone and PDA Slicker Cases.

For those SharpMen who can’t leave home without their cell phone or PDA — or when adventure requires you to carry around supporting paperwork such as visas, entrance papers and passports — check out Levenger’s Slicker Cases. These polyvinyl soft cases are waterproof, airtight and UV resistant. They’ll float when thrown overboard and resist temperature from -40° F to 195° F without cracking or melting into your passport. The Document Slicker (12 _" by 16", $59.95) comes with an adjustable shoulder trap; the Phone Slicker (3 _" by 7 _", $24.95, includes detachable neck cord) fits most cell phones and allows you to make calls without removing the phone from the case (just speak up, of course). The PDA Slicker (3 _" by 5 _", $24.95, includes detachable neck cord and belt clip) fits most Palm models, including the III and V and other similarly sized PDAs, and allows you to access your data without removing the device from its case. There’s even a separate waterproof compartment for your stylus. Can’t resist? Get all three ($99.95).

This article last updated on Tuesday 12th October 2010
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