Tips for Making the Big Hairstyle Transition

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Monday 11th October 2010
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Tips for Making the Big Hairstyle Transition

Changing one’s hairstyle isn’t as easy as is sounds. The fact of the matter is that third world counties change their governmental structures more frequently than guys change the way we wear our hair.

Hell, the last time I changed my hairstyle was about four years and three cars ago. Bob Dole jokes were still hot and Bill Clinton hadn’t had relations with "that woman."

Are you looking to change your "do" before the next presidential administration? In searching for our own path to hairstyling Nirvana, the SharpMan Team enlisted the efforts stylist Rita Timulak of Regis Hairstylists. Consider these SharpGroomingguidelines for your next hairdo overhaul before stepping up into the stylist’s chair:

What’s your build?

A vital factor in determining your best Sharp hairstyle can be found by simply looking in the mirror. What kind of build do you have? More specifically, direct your attention a little lower than your melon to the stump or pencil that it rests upon.

Yes, your neck.

Are you the short-necked type, who pumps up for a few hours and can touch your ear to your shoulder when you shrug? Or are you of the long-necked variety, à la Budweiser bottles? Rita notes this is an important factor. What does she recommend? "Close and tighter for fatter, thicker necks and more and longer hair for thinner, longer necks."

Face up.

Even if you have a face only a mother could love, Rita says SharpMenshould consider their facial factors before "doing" it:

Round faces. The SharpMan with a round face should style his hair away from his face so as not to accentuate the roundness of his face. Full hair on the sides will also make the face look fuller and rounder. Go for some length on the top to add length and height to the face.

Thin faces. The thin-faced SharpMan should not to add height to his hairstyle — unless he wants the Gumby look. Rita says, "Fuller sides for men with thin faces will add a dimension of width."

Big ears. Forget the grade school jokes that haunt you about your big ears and remember Rita’s advice: "Men with big ears could go with a longer style around the sides and over the ears to draw less attention to this feature."

Big noses. For big-nosed SharpMen, the advice is this: avoid the clippers. A buzz cut, cue ball or any too-short variation will make a mountain out of a mole hill if you nose what I’m sayin’.

Facial scars. If your scar is close to the top or sides of your face, a stylist may be able to recommend a way to wear your hair to obscure the scar. Otherwise, ignore it and most everyone else eventually will too.

How long — or short — is it?

Going from long hair to suddenly short hair can be a bit drastic. By the same token, gradually going from short to sloppy to long can be excruciatingly slow. Check out these tips when planning your length transformation:

Going from short to long. If "The Karate Kid" had been a movie about going from a short hairstyle to a longer one, Mr. Miyagi would have offered the same advice. "Patience, Daniel-son. Patience." One must be patient in making the transition from short to long.

Rita advises, "Keep your sides and your back cut short until your top starts to grow." The idea is that you let the top part of your hair grow first, and only then start letting the sides and the back grow. This keeps your do from looking sloppy during the "transition" period.

Of course, long hair does take time, but it may be worth the wait. Look at what long hair did for Samson — incredible strength and a hot chick. Now we at SharpMan aren’t promising 50 pounds on your bench press or a comely coed, but, hey…it could happen.

Going from long to short. Now, long-haired SharpMen may be thinking, "I’ll keep my long hair, thanks; look what getting a haircut did for Samson!" But come on guys, let’s face it, it’s starting to look like you’ve had that style since the days of the Old Testament. And relax. Going from longer to shorter doesn’t mean the Marine-orientation-week look. (That is of course unless you want it that way, private.)

On going from long to short, Rita notes, "It depends on how much of a change you want. If you want a radical change, then just go for the gusto and take it all off." But if you’re not sure what look you’ll ultimately settle on, Rita suggests going from long to short in stages.

With any luck, shorter hair will do for you what it did for John Stamos’s career. Well, maybe that’s a bad example. But he did get Rebecca Romijn.

Advice for the Costanzas.

OK, so you’re definitely a SharpMan, but you’re also human. After all, when you’re cut, do you not bleed? When you’re hurt, do you not feel pain? When you grow older, do you not get bald?

The answer to all of these questions is "yes." And the best thing to do is to take a receding hairline in stride. As Rita notes, "The worst thing for a balding man to do is to grow it long and try to mask (the baldness)." Forget any form of comb over, let alone the infamous "wraparound." "The shorter (your) hair is, the easier it blends. Long hair on a balding man just contrasts the areas where there is a lack of hair."

The bottom line? Keep it short all over and ignore it. You’ll be seen as Sharper for it.

The last snip.

What’s in a haircut? A lot. Our hairstyles are defining characteristics of our identities as men and conquerors. A change may be the move that gets you out of stagnation, and points you in a new and better direction. Does the hair make the man? Will a certain hairstyle lead you to a certain lifestyle? Unfortunately it’s not that easy, because if that were the case we’d all be in line to get the "Hugh Hefner."

This article last updated on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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