Top tips from Sharp Women - Getting the first date you want

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Monday 1st November 2010
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Top tips from Sharp Women

  • When calling for a date.
  • So you got the date, now what?

SharpWoman bare all in their advice on how to get and look good on that all important first date. Read on . . .

When calling for a date.

(1) Think "sooner" rather than . . .
When planning to ask a woman out - think ahead. Don’t call her up to "see what she’s doing’ later", ask her out a few days in advance, If you're looking for a Friday night date, make sure to call by Wednesday, at the latest.
A.K., Los Angeles, CA

(2) Conflict? Don’t ask.
If you call to ask a woman out on a date, and she says she already has plans, never ask her what she is doing. This conversation can go in many directions, generally none will be good.
C.C., Chicago IL

(3) Hedge your bet.
Wanna increase your chances of getting a “yes” from the girl who may not recognize you as her Prince Charming? Better your odds by presenting a tempting offer. Don't say: "Hey. Jennifer, wanna hang out some time?" or "Hey, Jennifer, wanna go out this weekend?" instead, come up with a really great/ unusual itinerary (ideally. not dependent on a specific time, like concert tickets, 'cause she may be busy, and you may end up going with your unattractive neighbor). For example: "Hey, Jennifer, I’ve got this great idea about going out to (fill In interesting place in or out of the city with a view, a walk or historical significance) with some great picnic food. I was thinking that after that, we could (fill in with activity involving looking at/ listening to art/music/etc.” If she’s a sport, any one of these activities could be hiking/biking/skiing/etc.)." Not only will you present a more tempting offer, the date activity will encourage interaction, which always works out better than staring at one another from across a dinner table.
S.T., Washington DC

(4) Don’t go over-board In hedging you bet.
Assuming you take the advice provided above, under normal circumstances, don’t over-do it by suggesting an over-night or weekend-long event. Nonetheless, if a fabulous opportunity to woo lies ahead (i.e., a bunch of your friends are going skiing for the weekend, etc.), be quick to address the sleeping arrangements, so that she doesn't decline for fear that you expect her to "shack up".
S.T., Washington DC

So you got the date, now what?

(5) Plan something.
Even if you got your date the conventional way ("Uh, wanna see a movie on Friday night?"), make an effort to plan something Interesting. If you took the advice above, call ahead, get directions, Info, hours at operation, food, drinks, and picnic blanket. If it‘s o movie or dinner date, buy the tickets (check out ), choose the restaurant (or two), or make reservations (even if it requires doing so at more than one place). In other words, do what you need to do to avoid getting into the car and saying, "so, what do you wanna do?"
T.J., Evanston, IL

(6) Wash your car.
If you live in a town where dating involves using an automobile, wash yours. It looks 5 bad to tell your date to "hold on" while you throw trash from your passenger seat into your back seat. Make an effort to look like you prepared for this date. She looks like she did, doesn't she?
J.L., Saint Paul, MN

(7) Don’t stink.
Guys should definitely shower, but they shouldn't put on too much cologne.
S.K., San Diego, CA

(8) The pick up.
Showing up on time is really important. Plan to pick up your date at the time you said you’d be there, or call before the time you said you’d be there to let her know you’ll be late. But as a general rule, don’t be any more than 10 minutes late, and never even one minute early.
Ll., San Francisco, CA

(9) Don’t over-do it with the foliage.
Women love flowers, but getting a bouquet from a guy picking you up for a first date is a little awkward. To be respectful to the guy, the girl wants to immediately put the flowers in water and then have some time to appreciate them, but going back inside the girl's apartment to do this is kind of weird. First, she may not be prepared for you to see the inside of her apartment, and second, it ruins the momentum of the evening to go back inside and start doing chores (cutting the ends, finding a vase, etc.) after she’s gotten all dolled up,
K.l., Miami, FL

(10) Finally, use those manly arms.
Open doors for your date. A lot.
E.N., New York, NY

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