What is a man’s "natural waist" and why should you care?

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Friday 8th October 2010
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  • What is a man’s "natural waist" and why should you care?
  • Why are men’s dress shoes such a stiff pain?
  • Can you press a shirt without having it washed?

Do SharpMen Have Waists?

Recently I read an article about proper suit fitting that referred to my "natural waist." What is that?

Burnsville, MN

SharpThreads Guy: Your "natural waist" is the smallest part of your torso. To find it, put your hands around your waist and them move them up or down to find the smallest place. This measurement is key to good suit fitting because _ an inch below your natural waist is where the waist button should go — the "navel" and focus of any great suit.

Pain in Your Shoes?

With so many comfortable shoe styles, why is it that men’s traditional dress shoes are still so stiff?

Fleetwood, PA

SharpThreads Guy: The so-called "traditional" men’s dress shoe is the grandchild of the English "bench-made" dress shoe. Because these shoes were made to withstand rain and damp weather, it is stronger, thicker and stiffer than slip-ons worn by men farther south. The upside is that they last forever, can have their soles replaced as needed, and get better looking every year.

Pressing Without Washing

I have heard that you can re-press dress shirts without washing them every time. Is this correct?

Gold Coast, CO

SharpThreads Guy: Sure, if you want to create permanent marks that will offset the cost of skipping the laundry. See, after you wear a shirt — even if it looks relatively clean to you — small soil and sweat marks cover the shirt. If you press or iron the shirt without washing it, the heat from the pressing process will make those small marks permanent parts of your shirt (more visible after pressing). We recommend laundering shirts if you’re gonna bother pressing or ironing them

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