Why Cool Pens = Women

Submitted by SharpMan Editorial Team on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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  • Using fine writing tools to impress colleagues and higher-ups in the office.
  • SharpMan’s picks for the hottest high-end pens, pencils, and writing accessories.

In today’s technology-driven world, where the latest wireless gadget is supposed to "define the man," it’s easy to lose site of cool "gadgets" that always have. Consider the classic writing instrument; it doesn’t require batteries, it doesn’t deliver e-mail and you can’t store an MP3 file on it — but damn, it looks good. In fact, more SharpMen are discovering that when it comes to cool high-end pens, what’s old is what’s new. Consider the following:

Why Pens Are Sharp

Those who know, know. Taking pen to paper has long been a way for SharpMen to recoup, reflect, and unwind from a day of insane techno-babble. While a five-cent Bic will do the trick, there’s something about having a big, masculine high-end pen that makes writing that much more…momentous. Suddenly you’re not just scribbling, you’re recording important observations like many great writers before you. Think we’re out of it? Pick up a cool pen and try it — you’ll get hooked.

Lookin’ good. Of course, you don’t have to be the next "New Economy" Hemingway to love the graceful flow and brilliant craftsmanship of a fine writing instrument. SharpMen who enjoy the look and feel of nice watches, good shoes or fast cars will also immediately recognize the value of a top-quality pen or pencil. Plus, let’s face it — they look cool. For all you guys who believe the old adage that SharpMen should dress for the job they want (rather than the job they have), a great pen is instantly recognized as a hallmark of prosperity and style.

And the ladies dig ‘em, too. One of SharpMan.com’s Management Team advisors once recounted how much attention his elegant pens received from SharpWomen. He noticed that women whose phone numbers he’d collected in the past would remember him long after — in part — because of the pen he used to jot their number down with. Anything to create intrigue as far as we’re concerned…

Sharp Pens/Pencils and Pen-Related Stuff We Like

After looking at hundreds of examples, we’ve chosen the coolest top-of-the-line items from a wide price range that should fit budgets everywhere from entry-level to CEO. If you’re ready to move up to primo quality, or simply looking to add to your collection, check out these SharpMan-Approved classics:

Sharp Pens

Waterman Serenite


Why it’s cool: This fountain pen has a design that’s worth mentioning — it’s curved the way an old-fashioned quill pen would have been, with a woven solid silver section ring and an 18k gold medium nib covered in rhodium. Design aside, this Waterman product is known for promoting effortless writing, comfort in the hand, and purity of line.

Why we chose it: This has got to be one of the coolest, most original pens we’ve ever seen. Not only does it look cool, but it functions really well too. Perfect for SharpMen who like to have stuff other people don’t.

Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon Collection

Why it’s cool: This Asian art-inspired rollerball pen has a sterling silver cap and a barrel with a hand-etched dragon motif. A great writing instrument and an even better eye-catcher.

Why we chose it: Aside from the fact that this rollerball is easy to use and writes well, the design of this pen won us over. After all, dragons denote power and authority, and who doesn’t want their tools to say that?

Montblanc Solitaire Vermeil

Why it’s cool: Produced by one of the world’s best-known fine pen makers, the gold Solitaire Vermeil ballpoint is designed to write as effortlessly as is possible for a ballpoint. The writing tip is solid sterling silver and the gold overlay pen design features Montblanc’s trademark white star on the tip of the cap.

Why we chose it: A classic pen for those SharpMen who like the feel of a good pen (and want to look cool), but are committed to the ballpoint. Plus, you get a lot of "allure" bang for your buck with this make.

Delta 366


Why it’s cool: This is not your average high-end pen. At once funky and classic, this pen features a translucent tortoiseshell body in vibrant colors. The size and bulk is ideally weighted for a man’s fingers. The rollerball tip is known for excellent ink flow.

Why we chose it: Cool colors and design are pluses, but what ultimately got us was this pen’s size and weight — this thing can only be carried off by a SharpMan. This was by far the favorite pen around the testing office. Couple that with the fact that it’s an easy-to-use rollerball that writes well, and we were hooked.

Sharp Pencils

Does your writing require a pencil? Get away from sharpener shavings and fly-weight mechanical pencils designed for grammar school, and move into the big boy club. While any old pencil will get the job done, professional mechanical pencils are weighted for comfort — especially for larger male hands. Try these SharpMan-Approved recommendations and you’ll be hooked:

Parker Duofold Pencil

Why it’s cool: This is a dramatic, solid black pencil with 23k gold trim and an elegant profile designed to provide comfort and effortless writing. The pencil is hand-finished and features an eraser under the cap.

Why we chose it: Sleek look and GREAT weight make this pencil a winner. Plus, if you’re like us, you’ll appreciate the pencil’s solid acrylic construction — it’s designed to be impervious to scratches.

Graf von Faber-Castell Set of 3 Silver-Plated Pencils

Why it’s cool: These pencils feature a silver-plated extender for protecting the point, which doubles as a spring-loaded pocket clip. Another innovative addition is a built-in sharpener in the top. The pencil’s grooved texture is extremely elegant, and the native brown alder wood case is also pretty darn classy.

Why we chose it: First, you can’t get much better than Graf von Faber-Castell pencils — they’re the best and they look good. Second, the weighting on these pencils, combined with the cool added features (sharpener in cap, beautiful case, etc.), made us want a set of these — even though none of us use pencils… I’m sure more than one member of the SharpMan Team will be adding these to our Christmas gift list.

Faber-Castell E-Motion Maple Pencil


Why it’s cool: The E-Motion maple wood pencil from Faber-Castell is ergonomically designed, so it fits your hand comfortably, and is amazingly affordably priced for a writing instrument of such fine quality. It operates off a convenient smooth twist action, so your lead point is drawn into the body after use to prevent breakage.

Why we chose it: Quality; quality; quality. Price; price; price. Need we say more?

Writing Accessories

Man, are you getting into this or what? We did, and decided to add a small selection of pen/pencil toys to round out our testing (so we would get to play with them, ourselves, of course). Check out our favorite SharpMan-Approved accessory picks:

"Think Before You Ink" Pewter Pen Holder

Why it’s cool: Cool pewter pen holder that can also act as a paperweight. The name says it all: think it through before you sign anything…

Why we chose it: A pen holder may seem extraneous, but when you’ve got a nice pen, it’s a great way to keep track of it.

Graf von Faber-Castell Eraser

Why it’s cool: Didn’t think an eraser could be elegant? Think again, friends. This one’s way beyond anything you ever used in kindergarten; it even comes with a silver-plated sleeve.

Why we chose it: What’s to choose? You need an eraser; Faber-Castell makes great stuff; this one looks really cool, too. If you use pencils, add this to your toolbox and you’re all set.

Piquadro Nikolai Leather Carrying Case

Why it’s cool: Featuring fine Italian leather and quality craftsmanship, this pen carrying case combines innovate styling with modern convenience. It holds two of your favorite pens, in addition to notepaper and credit cards or business cards.

Why we chose it: A nice, light accessory for bringing your pens and other note-taking necessities into a meeting or to lunch. Perfect for bringing work along without looking like you’re bringing work along — if you catch our drift. Plus, it’s damn elegant.

This article last updated on Wednesday 13th October 2010
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